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dimanche, septembre 22, 2013

Amar Bose : Portrait of a curious genius

Check out the great profile of Amar Bose life, the man behind the Bose Corporation. I've been meaning to post the link of this article featured on Popular Science website on Amar Bose, the genius mind behind the eponymous audio system brand.  

"The future," Bose [- a renowned MIT professor -] famously told his students, "isn't in solving the problems to which we already know the answers. It's in learning how to work through the problems you'll experience in life, in any subject."

"The value of Amar Bose isn't so much in the things he has invented, but in the sense of possibility he inspires. Even the company's consumer slogan—BETTER SOUND THROUGH RESEARCH—appears on the trucks only, Veranth says, "because trucks can be repainted." In the lobby of Bose headquarters, set in stone, is a broader slogan: BETTER PRODUCTS THROUGH RESEARCH."

Bose reminds us that we could all afford to be much more skyward-looking, far-fetched and curious, and that we could all believe more strongly in our own potential to create.