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mardi, juillet 13, 2010

Pius Njawe, 1957-2010

Pius Njawe, pionnier de la liberté de la presse et fondateur du premier journal indépendant Camerounais Le Messager est décédé dans un accident de voiture aux États-Unis le 12 Juillet dernier.

Hommage d'Allain Jules.

Pius Njawe in his own words by Dibussi Tande.

"I have been a journalist since the age of 15. I started as an errand boy at a newspaper called Semences africaines, in the city of Yaoundé, Cameroon. Over the past 34 years, I have been arrested 126 times while carrying out my profession as a journalist. Physical and mental torture, death threats, the ransacking of my newsroom, etc., has often been my daily lot in a situation where repression and corruption, even within the press, have become the norm. [...]   
I entered journalism the way you enter a religion; journalism is my religion."
Rest in Peace, you fought the good fight.