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lundi, juillet 02, 2007

Quick hits of the day : 02-07-2007

  • Kudos to Mediacity: a new blog started by a friend! As always with Tony, the design is very slick. Check out the quick post on the Africa issue of Vanity Fair Magazine. See in the slideshow all the covers made by the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz.
  • According to Gal Beckerman of the Columbia Journalism Review, in his article entitled the "Obscure continent" this issue of the magazine bridges the "divide between the style of Vanity Fair and the substance of Africa." "[..]there is one, overwhelming attitude that dominates the way we write and think about Africa in the West: we are the only possible saviors, obligated by our humanity to donate money and urge our government to both increase spending on aid and cancel any debts owned by these poor countries." I must agree with Beckerman that this issue gives little voice to Africans to narrate their continent, inside it authenticity has given place to glamour.
  • Grandiose Parlor's take on the Hippo's generation relevance to Africa's development.
  • Lead like Fonzie (from FastCompany). Basics leadership tips on how to behave in a stressful situation that affects your team: communicate, reassure and remain calm.
  • The asshole driven development amusing post from Scott Berkun. (via beariscool). You'll learn couple of useful acronyms (Asshole Driven development (ADD), Cover Your Ass Engineering (CYAE),Get Me Promoted Methodology (GMPM), Never Ending Story Development (NESD), Never goes live (NGL), Not Knowing What You Want Until You See It (NKWYWUYSI), “It’s Almost Done” Development (IADD) etc.) but any resemblance with existing situations and/or persons would be nothing but...a coincidence :)


Kans a dit…

;) Very funny ADD!
In fact, it's sometime amazing to see how software engineers in particular, managed their design. No industry benefit of more tolerance than them.
They just need to apologize and claim they complexity of their job to be forgiven, although the consequence of software design mistake are sometime really important.

Best wishes to MediaCity also!

tony a dit…

Thanks for the props.


Eddy a dit…

The point, sometimes, is, there are so many (different) needs they must take care of, specifically in design matters, that they just can't make everyone happy.

By the way, Lydie, i thought you were interested to know about FlexySPY, a tool for mobiles, especially Blackberries, that records all messages (sms, voice calls, ...) and do location tracking.
No big deal, would you say, since i first need to install the software. You are right, but hackers found a way to get the software installed without the owner even notices what is going on.
Your boyfriend for instance could install the software at your back, and always remotely know, what you are talking about, with whom, even where you are.
Just amazing isn't it?, i want the same tool, and from now on, i want all my girlfriends to own Blackberries.

(have a look at this article: Blackberry "Spy" Software released
And the program's website is at

Lydie a dit…

Eddy, only you could propose a review of such products.

Unfortunately, the logs of my bbery show a quite uneventful life since most of my calls are (surprise) work related and locations are most of the time... offices locations throughout the world. Quite (un)interesting for him!

The only benefit for the boyfriend would be to know which projects I am working on and to listen to pretty boring and lenghty conference calls.

I would strongly advise you to ask your girlfriend what she is up to instead of risking to be ruled out of a life you were tring to hack...
My 100 FCFA on the question.

But since you seem to have many girlfriends (or was the s a mispelling ?!!??? :) your GF should be the one hacking your bb or any device of your to know who her rivals are. Tell her that I'll be more than happy to help out :)


Eddy a dit…

Dear Lydie, confidence is good, control is better.
Lool, before you get me under the guillotine and let my head roll along, allow me to make things clear.
Not only monitoring one's girlfriend is crazy and senseless, but there's also a risk to be kicked out of her life, like you already mentionned it.
i can though understand would-be spies, when i remember how irrational humans sometimes are.

My own opinion is that girls do monitor, or if you prefer keep eyes on their boyfiend on a more regular basis than guys.

Well, you asked me if the 's' was a mispelling. Let me answer you this way: if i say, yeah of course it was, knowing that iam a greenredyellow, would you believe me?

See ya

Lydie a dit…

Eddy, eddy indeed I don't believe you, but after all "moi quoi là dedans?"

Eddy a dit…

Loool, Lydie who knows? Then «les voies du Destin sont impenetrables».

Of course you wouldn't believe me. I dont know how others guys feel about it, but according to my own experience, our sisters are so convinced, that we are all nothing but a bunch of cheaters. Ok, the ninety percent of us to whom it may apply certainly dont care, but pretty hard for the remaining 10% .