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dimanche, mai 08, 2011

Are you a Mac person or a PC person?

Great dilemma when it comes to take sides and adopt one of the two. 23% of the population in the world are said to have mac computers according to ChaCha. (name your own figure, the figure presented below is even higher) I happen to be one of them and do consider myself a Mac person.

According to the guys of Cre8ive Commando 
"There’s always been a battle between Mac and PC. PC users have always dominated the market but things are starting to change.[…] We’ve all seen the stereotypical Mac and PC guys from the Apple Mac commercials a while back, but this infographic gives us some actual statistics about Mac and PC people’s personalities, fashion sense and differences."
Check this great infographic by Hunch. Sociological analysis or mere compilation of stereotypes? I'd let you decide. I must admit that I did recognize myself in some of the data below. 

Characteristics and differences between Mac and PC users

So my question to you, fellow reader, are you a Mac person or a PC person?