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samedi, mai 07, 2011

Internet : how fast is too fast?

How fast is the Internet at Google? by thenextweb. Via Loic Le Meur tweet. Mind blowing especially when you know that the fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) internet is making its way in subsaharan Africa only now. Some fortunate clients of Kenya Jamii Telecom will access a network that will be able to deliver "2.4 Gbps downstream and 1.25 Gbps upstream" ( news).

The good side of it, you get your request at light-speed, the flip side,  you become even more impatient. And it has been proven that perceived long downloading times of a given webpage are a show-stopper for may surfers, the issue becomes even more pressing when it comes to e-commerce since this accounts for a great percentage of abandonment of the shopping process.

Right now @ home, I have a triple-play offer and I get 11Mbps downstream and approximatively 1Mbps upstream. It's ok for my use, despite that lags can occur, but it's rare and this is when I have all my toys running at the same time (2 Macbooks, 1 iPad, TV on with VOD and gossip with a friend over the phone).

Again, who needs all of that? Will I succumb to one of these FTTH offerings? We shall see, if I do, it would be only pure vanity at play!