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samedi, novembre 12, 2011

Closeup on 8 of the Hottest Tech Apps

I was checking the latest article of Business Insider regarding the top 20 Innovative Startups in Tech and the 20 Hot Silicon Valley Startups You Need To Watch. I found some interesting tools and services, that I'd definitely see myself using or that I have already started using.

Among all the products, here are the ones that caught my attention:

  1. iDoneThis is one of the gem I've recently discovered, it introduces the concept of "to done list" (vs todo list). It's a productivity tool that work the other way round, in the sense that the diary-based information helps you track your activities and achievements on a daily basis.
  2. DropBox created a way to easily share and store files all over the web. Of all the cloud-based files storages services, this one is by far my favorite. Did I mention, it's free? yeah, it's free and it is a big plus for me.
  3. Hotel Tonight helps you make a last-minute hotel reservation from your mobile device (iOS and Android are both supported) at a discounted price. Truly neat.
  4. SkillShare : as the name says it's all about sharing your skills and learning new ones from people willing to do the same than you. The basic premise is that anyone can be a teacher. As a user of the service, you may search classes by category (learning about photoshop basics or business plan writing) but also by locating the ones nearest to you (mainly in the US, Zurich may open soon). The average class costs around $20 and SkillShare takes a 15% cut. for Mike Karnjanaprakorn, CEO, SkillShare is about using  "the Web to democratize learning and make it affordable and accessible to anyone.”
  5. TaskRabbit that provides an on-demand workforce. This service will find you people able to help you drop your laundry at the dry-cleaner or run some errands for you. Right now, TaskRabbit is available in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Even more interesting, TaskRabbit has appointed recently Eric Grosse -former founder of and President of Expedia WorldWide- as its new CEO.
  6. MoviePass lets users attend all of the movies they want in theaters for a fixed price. The pass concepts has been existing in Europe for couple of years now. It's great to see it now forging its way on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.
  7. Simplenote and its platform Simperium helps people take and keep notes, lists, ideas etc... and access them from any web device. Simperium reproduces the sharing and accessibility concept for any other app.
  8. Storenvy makes it dead easy for anyone to set up a free e-commerce site. Setting up and customizign a storefront couldn't be more easier. This service appeals to people that do not have 
These apps are to be kept under the radar and oen must also pay close attention to the people behind all these neat products and services. Let me know if you have tried any of the aforementioned and what you think of it/these.