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samedi, décembre 09, 2006

Is Jon Udell, the new Robert Scoble?

Some buzz about Jon Udell, the famous technologist from Infoworld, moving to Microsoft to join the same group (channel 9) where Robert Scoble worked until he left for PodTech. On Jon's blog, there is a small self-interview of himself where he explains his reasons for joining the Redmond's giant.
"Q: Will you be a blogger? An analyst? A developer? An educator? A multimedia producer?

A: All of the above. The title "evangelist" doesn't quite capture that whole range of activities, but these are the things I do, and plan to continue doing.

Q: Will you become Microsoft's next Robert Scoble?

A: The way I see it, Robert played a key role in a grand experiment to make Microsoft's development processes more transparent. Channels 9 and 10, and the hundreds of Microsoft blogs throughout the organization, are evidence that the experiment is succeeding.

I've proposed a different experiment. I'll continue to be a channel for alpha geeks. But I also want to become a channel for a whole lot of civilians in the mainstream. And above all, I want to build bridges between these two groups."

Update your Rss feeds, I am pretty sure that Jon's blog will be a must read for any of those interested in technology topics. No doubt that his blog will get as much success as Scoble's!