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dimanche, mars 11, 2007

A part ca, quoi de neuf? 11-03-2007

J'ai pris un peu de retard dans mes lectures recemment, mais ce week-end j'ai pris le temps de me rattraper et voici quelques liens interessants en vrac:

  • 10 best ways to burn capital du Venture Capitalist Scott Maxwell. Comment atteindre le contraire de l'effet recherche dans une nouvelle aventure entrepreneuriale ? Rafraichissant point de vue qui se lit comme un check-list.
  • Post interessant d'Ethan Zuckerman sur les travaux de l'economiste Emily Oster concernant le SIDA : "everything you know about AIDS is wrong". "Thought of in economic terms, AIDS requires us to think of costs, specifically the cost of sex. In countries with high degrees of AIDS infection, the cost of a new sexual partner can be very high." Les idees d'Emily Oster sont resumees dans un article dans le magazine Esquire. Extraits :"There is more than one reason why HIV spreads more easily in Africa than America, but the most important one seems to be related to the prevalence of other sexually transmitted infections [...] if income and life expectancy in Africa were the same as they are in the United States, we would see the same change in sexual behavior--and the AIDS epidemic would begin to slow."
  • Le Vice-President Atiku Abubakar pourra se presenter aux elections presidentielles d'Avril au Nigeria apres le jugement de la Haute Cour Federale d'Abuja d'infirmer la decision de la commission electorale.
  • Le medicament anti-paludeen a bas cout est enfin disponible (via Grandiose Parlor).