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dimanche, mai 13, 2007

Quick links: crash du Boeing KQ-507

  • Qui est donc responsable des Camerounais? Jean-Baptiste Sipa du Messager pose la question des responsabilités de notre gouvernement dans la gestion du tragique accident qui a coûté la vie à 114 passagers dont 35 Camerounais.
  • Flight KQ 507 : a crash too painful. Selon le blog de Chippla : "It gets even sadder when the airliner in question happens to belong to an airline, which has spent the past decade reinventing itself by modernizing its fleet, teaming up with key players in the global aviation industry and upgrading its staff training program."
  • Kenya reactions to plane crash. Selon Bankele, "The question of air crashes in Africa should not arise - they happen all around the world. Yes, there are bad airlines, but it is not an African thing. Poorly run airlines do not last for very long as passengers avoid them (unless they have no alternative) and authorities (should) step in and shut them down. The (unfortunate) passenger list produced by KQ is an endorsement of the high regard that other nations have for the airline." I think, therefore I blog résume en une ligne "another one went down.....again....?"

Nos pensées vont aux victimes et à leurs familles.
Christelle & Lydie