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mercredi, novembre 28, 2007

Mary Meeker - Internet Trends 2007

In case you missed it, here's the link to the presentation made by Mary Meeker from Morgan Stanley at the Future Media Conference. As always, her presentation (which is more or less the same than the one she delivered at the Web 2.0 summit back in October 2007) is quite insightful and gives a lot of information regarding the latest internet trends, the evolution of web 2.0, the growth of mobile-based services and the 3G technology. She zooms on couple of social network sites : Facebook (ahahaha what a surprise!), but also others like Joost or Zillow.
You can also watch the video here.

In a nutshell, she contends that:
  • Consumer pacing strong Internet growth
  • Enterprise playing catch up
  • Competition for ‘platforms’ intensifying – margin pressure?
  • Personalization continues to ramp – Google / / Facebook…
  • Mobiles entering inflection point for Internet usage
  • Battles for mobile supremacy will be very intense
  • Emerging markets (especially Asia) surprising on upside
  • Recession(s) = very serious potential challenge


KreativeMix a dit…

very very insightful. thanks for sharing this!!!