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mardi, juillet 10, 2007

Readings for the day: 10-07-2007

  • Dans l'édito oublié, le journaliste de l'Express Christophe Barbier, revient sur dérapage de Patrick Devedjian à l'encontre d'Anne-Marie Comparini.
  • Scaling Google for every user by Dare Obasanjo. He also authored another interesting article "lessons on innovation from Google". To him, "one reason that a number of Google's products are considered innovative is that they challenge a number of pre-existing notions about software in certain categories."
  • How to run experiments on your website by using A/B testing. Very interesting paper entitled Practical Guide to Controlled Experiments on the Web: Listen to Your Customers not to the HiPPO by the Microsoft experimentation platform team that explain A/B tests, splits tests etc. They "provide a practical guide to conducting online experiments, where end-users can help guide the development of features. [their] experience indicates that significant learning and return-on-investment (ROI) are seen when development teams listen to their customers, not to the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion (HiPPO)."