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dimanche, décembre 02, 2007

A part ça quoi de neuf ? 02-12-2007

Sharing with you some of the tabs opened in my browser.

  • Le Cameroun simplifie la prise en charge du Sida (Le Figaro). According to the article, around 500,000 people are currently infected in Cameroon, that makes 1 person out of 34 has HIV. nc
  • No picnic - A teddy bear row in Sudan (The Economist). "In more elevated western circles, it is becoming commoner to hear the view that Islam itself (rather than any extremist interpretations of the faith) is posing a challenge to western values that must be resisted. And if that view becomes more respectable, so too does a defensive Muslim reaction, which is often tinged with geopolitical grievance."
  • Facebook search expands — will it take on Google? (VentureBeat). New questions (read speculations) are raised about "Facebook’s ambitions, as it finds itself the David against the Google Goliath. Will it pull out the ultimate slingshot: a full-fledged search engine for the web, not just the Facebook site? This question is significant, because Facebook has so much data about people and preferences that it could potentially add quality to search results."

  • Cedric Kalonji portrays life in Congo-Kinshasa on his blog. Simple, acute and beautiful. Definitely a must-read.
  • Kevin Kelly wrote an interesting article on the 4 stages in the Internet of Things (The Technium). Stage 1 was the Internet as it was more concerned about to link up computers; stage 2 can be called the web since it linked documents and pages; stage 3 in which we are living deals with sharing data of the documents and pages linked in previous stages, it's the world wide Database. All this should lead us to the 4th stage nicely named by Kelly as the Internet of things. He concludes by saying that "this shareable extraction of data is also what people mean by Web 3.0. In this version of the webosphere data surges, flows, and expands across websites as if it were acting within one large database, or within one large machine."
ok, that's all for today. Besides, I really wished I was in Cameroon right now, where the "Jazz sans frontières" festival is being held. (Le Messager)


Kans a dit…

1/34, about 3%! That's really too much!
If we consider also that very few people are making tests, I can imagine it's even worst than that.
So painful!

Anyway, good to have some news from Severin Cecile Abega.

"Cry my beloved country" (Chinua Achebe).

Eddy a dit…

Iam getting pretty tired, since the time i started to cry