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mardi, juillet 15, 2008

bon, et où va t'il le sieur Eto'o?

Il y en a beaucoup qui se le demandent, mais la chaîne de sports ESPN croît savoir qu'il défendre le maillot vert-rouge-jaune aux prochains jeux olympiques à Pékin. “I think I am going to be called, but because I’m here, I don’t have all the information,” said Eto’o, a striker from Cameroon, on Saturday to the New York Times.

I have heard rumors that they want me,” Eto’o said. “Whether I want to or can go or not is not yet certain. It is always an honor to defend the jersey of your country in a tournament like the Olympics. It’s not something for every day. And you know I have won there, against Ronaldinho."

Concernant cses intentions de rester au Barça l'année prochaine, Eto'o a été plus qu'évasif préférant contourner la question délicate de son avenir en répondant qu'il était off et en vacances.

Eto’o, too, who has scored 77 goals in 108 games for Barcelona since 2004, could be ticketed out of Spain after the club’s new coach, Pep Guardiola, said that Eto’o and Ronaldinho did not figure into his plans.

Eto’o responded: “I’m on vacation, I don’t think about those things now.” “I don’t even look at the Internet until I go back to work,” said Eto’o, who has been linked with moves to England and Italy.

“The new trainer has the right to make the team he wants, you have to respect that, and that’s it. I am in no situation to say anything because I am on vacation, and here in the U.S., I’m disconnected from the whole soccer world. Football to get here takes three days!”

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