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dimanche, juillet 20, 2008

Quick Hits : Technology in Nairobi, Vivre a Paris, Obamania

  • Inside Nairobi, the next Palo Alto? (via International Herald Tribune)
    "Still, Nairobi is home to a digital brew that invites optimism about its chances for creating unusual innovations. The city has relatively few wired phone lines or networked personal computers, so mobile phones are the essential digital tool. Four times as many people have them as have bank accounts. Text messages are far more popular than e-mail. Safaricom, the dominant mobile provider, offers a service called M-pesa that lets customers send money with text messages."
  • How to enjoy la vie parisienne (via the Economist). Tips for a successful business trip in Paris. Très juste et assez instructif pour moi aussi.
  • Welcome, Mr would-be President (via the Economist), should we temper the Obamania?
    "IF THE business of electing the most powerful man in the world were up to the world, rather than just those pesky Americans, Barack Obama would face no contest [...] On all these fronts, in fact, there are doubts: doubts as to just what Mr Obama’s positions as president would actually be, and doubts over what he could get through Congress. Those doubts will not stop the crowds turning out for him, even if he fails to commandeer the Brandenburg Gate as his backdrop. But the fans should bear in mind that what they see is not precisely what they will get."


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