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dimanche, août 26, 2007

A part ca, quoi de neuf? 26-08-2007

  • Investors sign up to Angola's miracle (Financial Times). "The combination of its oil bonanza and a huge investment in infrastructure has led it to become the hot destination for businesses seeking to invest in Africa. “There’s a general feeling that if we are not a player in Angola in the next five years we will have missed the best opportunity in Africa,” says a senior western diplomat in the region."
  • Internet is dead and boring. Mark Cuban contends that internet has stop evolving and has become a utility. "The days of the Internet creating explosively exciting ideas are dead for the foreseeable future.. The Internet is boring. That is not a bad thing. [...] That it finally is the platform for any number of mundane applications that are easy to write and that anyone can use and trust. Just like wheels, printing presses, cars, TV, radio, electricity, water..." I personally couldn't agree more.