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lundi, avril 21, 2008

Is Zimbabwe new Africa's shame ?

Good article in the Economist regarding the passivity of Thabo Mbeki towards Mugabe that ultimately contributed to the agony of Zimbabwe.

"If Mr Mbeki had an iota of honour or courage or sense, he could have squeezed Mr Mugabe out of power several years ago—just as South Africa's leaders pulled the plug on the nastily bigoted Rhodesian regime of Ian Smith three decades ago, albeit after succouring it for far too long. Most of the other leaders in southern Africa—with a few notable exceptions, including Jacob Zuma, Mr Mbeki's rival and possible successor—have been equally feeble and downright dishonest. By failing to come together to denounce Mr Mugabe unequivocally, they have not only prolonged Zimbabwe's agony; they have damaged the whole of southern Africa, both materially and in terms of Africa's reputation."