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lundi, avril 21, 2008

A part ça, quoi de neuf ? 21-04-2008

  • Maybe Money does buy happiness after all (New York Times). Recent studies present a rebuttal of the Easterlin Paradox under which,
    "people in poor countries, not surprisingly, did become happier once they could afford basic necessities. But beyond that, further gains simply seemed to reset the bar. To put it in today’s terms, owning an iPod doesn’t make you happier, because you then want an iPod Touch. Relative income — how much you make compared with others around you — mattered far more than absolute income (..) Economic growth, by itself, certainly isn’t enough to guarantee people’s well-being — which is Mr. Easterlin’s great contribution to economics. (...) Economic growth can also pay for investments in scientific research that lead to longer, healthier lives. It can allow trips to see relatives not seen in years or places never visited. When you’re richer, you can decide to work less — and spend more time with your friends."
  • Tomorrow's emerging markets (Washington Post). The next quarter-century belongs to the Middle East & Africa who is more & more considered as being the last frontier.
  • Interview du président Rwandais Paul Kagamé dans le magazine Jeune Afrique. "
    "le mal est profond et qu’il faudra du temps pour le résoudre ». Il trouve inacceptable que « la justice d’un pays comme la France, qui porte une responsabilité dans le génocide de 1994, se soit arrogée le droit d’inculper des leaders » de son pays. S’iI note les avancées réalisées par la France depuis quelques mois (« avec Nicolas Sarkozy, le Rwanda a enfin trouvé un interlocuteur ouvert »), il souligne toutefois que « le Rwanda n’est pas sous juridiction française. » "
  • In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop (New York Times). As said previously, for me it's just a hobby and try to keep it enjoyable for you and me.
  • The Future Of Social Networking - Consolidation or Mass Customization? (Don Dodge)
"So, what does the future hold? Social networks are clearly a hot area. We are in the early stages of evolution. Facebook is here to stay, but other approaches and models may emerge and be even more successful. The monetization of social networks is also in the early stages. Will the current valuations prove out? Remember a few years ago when some people thought paying $580M for MySpace was insane? It looks like a pretty good deal now. Friendster is an example of an early leader that went in the other direction."