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jeudi, juin 19, 2008

Lost in E-Mail ?

How lost in emails are you? Do you have hard time getting any work done because of the emails you constantly receive and the disruption in attention they create? New York Times featured an article about the phenomenon.

The onslaught of cellphone calls and e-mail and instant messages is fracturing attention spans and hurting productivity. It is a common complaint. But now the very companies that helped create the flood are trying to mop it up. [...] Intel and other companies are already experimenting with solutions. Small units at some companies are encouraging workers to check e-mail messages less frequently, to send group messages more judiciously and to avoid letting the drumbeat of digital missives constantly shake up and reorder to-do lists.

To address the issue, I de-activated the email pop-up notification in Outlook
and I try to check email only every hour. But again, the blackberry is there to drag you down in your bad habits...