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dimanche, août 06, 2006

You did a great job ! Thanks ! You're FIRED !

Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
Patti Sangana ! I guess I missed something or politics have too much intricacies for the simple mind of mine. The recent events in Nigeria and the resignation of the Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, proved that there is something decayed in the way our countries are run.

The former Finance Minister of Olusegun Obasanjo was largely credited for the $18 billion debt cancellation from the Club of Paris. The Harvard trained former World Bank vice president was a woman on the rise, the "Corruption Cop" praised by Time magazine. Not only did she remove the clutches of the international creditors, but she also strove to restore the image of her country blamed for its corruption by Transparency International.

Last month, she was "redeployed" from Finance to Foreign Affairs. Several bloggers argued that this was a sign of bigger fate for her, others were contending that the hero was falling from grace. Appearances remained then intact, as she was still heading the country’s economic team. But this week, while she was negotiating in London for her country, she was sacked from the economic team. President Obasanjo once again showed how much he lacked courtesy. Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala responded with elegance and pride by resigning. This is so un-african, but at the same time so refreshing.

As for the reasons of her being sidelined by Obasanjo, you make your own call. Was she caught in the web of intrigues fomented at Aso Rock? Is it because she expressed reserves regarding a 3rd term for Obasanjo? Maybe one day we'll know the truth (I doubt so), but one can bet that her resignation is a prelude for a even stronger comeback in Nigerian politics. The whole story saddens me, but I guess, this is how goes the world. As
Ethan Zuckerman brilliantly puts it: "Cut Corruption. Pay Debt. Accept Kudos. Get Fired."

Mam ma nkon si !


Anonyme a dit…

:::Soldier come, soldier go, barrack still remain the same:::
As always interesting and provocative remarks. I would however like to ask people not to see too much into an official like Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala's resignation. Of course rumours abound about why she left but let's be clear. She was invited to join a team that already had the intentions to seek debt relief and steer the country out of financial predicament. She has performed her duties 90% pass mark. (Nigeria wanted 100% debt cancellation--but we still had to hand over 12 billion-USD, hence points lost:):)) So this notion that perhaps she is the ONLY well intentioned official in the government that can get things done is really strange. She has proven herself to be a "can do" person no doubt. But the truth is simple, there are many other considerations and constituents at play when running a country. Has any one ever considered that just maybe she did actually opt to resign and had been persuaded to stay this long only for certain reasons?
My simple message is this, I believe she will be missed but she is always around to give her advice and wisdom. Nigeria will continue to move forward and there are many other competent men and women that can and will fill her shoes. After all as I started to say--she didnt start the reform and it will not end with her.

Lydie a dit…

For the most curious, AllAfrica has the story of "Why Okinjo-Iweala resigned"

I agree to some extent with the comment above, as no one is irreplacable. But one must admit that Nigeria has lost a tremendous asset only due to political motives. Obasanjo could have spared his Ministry such humiliation. But I guess life goes on, and one should hope that reforms will also go on.