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vendredi, février 08, 2008

The obituary of Simiyu Barasa, written by himself

Kenyan Pundit reproduced "The obituary of Simiyu Barasa, written by himself". I urge you to read the whole obituary as it is a moving account of the ongoing tragedy in Kenya. Depending on the tribe people belong to, they might live or not.

"I know not my tribe, I have only known myself as Kenyan, and others as fellow Kenyans. In these times, belonging or not belonging means not being dead or being seriously dead. What chances does a person like me have? (...)

I have nowhere to go. No tribe to run to. No tribes men to protect me. Except the grave. Which is what my fellow country men are intent on sending all those who don’t belong to their tribe. Goodbye, friends.. Seeing that all fast food restaurants have a notice ‘pay in advance’, let me take the cue and say Goodbye in advance. When you see a pulp of human flesh in the tarmac with youths dancing round it waving their bloody matchetes, look closely. That ear might be mine. That grinning upper lip might be mine. I loved you, my fellow countrymen. I loved without thinking of your parental lineage. I loved Kenya. But look what this country has done to me: sodomised my sense of humanity and pride."

On a side note (albeit an important one) it seems that Kofi Annan's mediation is getting some traction and an agreement between opposing parties could be reached next week. Let's hope for the best ...