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lundi, novembre 20, 2006

Bill Gates : la vie, la competition et son action philanthropique

Une interview de BillG parue dans le Mercury News hier. Il se confie et parle de la vie, de Microsoft apres son départ, de la recherche de au sein de la Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Le role de l'innovation technologique et son rapport a la mission de sa fondation, il les décrit en ces termes:
"So as we get more awareness of these problems, we can draw on more of the world's IQ, particularly if we can highlight what's missing. If we can get people who understand nanotechnology or software or instrumentation to see these problems that the market alone might not draw them to, because these are not rich consumers, then we just dramatically increase the chance of a breakthrough.

The number of people thinking about all these ways to improve malaria, you know, redesigning bed nets, making them cheaper, attracting mosquitoes with a pheromone, changing mosquito genetics, there's all these ideas. The number of people -- great, smart people thinking about those things 10 years ago -- was almost zero."