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dimanche, novembre 26, 2006

Nigeria on their minds

  • The blog of Donald Duke, simply entitled "Nigeria on my mind". For those who don't know who Donald Duke is, he's the Governor of Cross River State in Nigeria and he might be running for the next Nigerian presidential election in 2007. To me, his blog stresses a very modern way to convey his views and ideas on Nigerian issues (i.e: crime, education, elections etc.) A question crosses my mind: are there any other prominent African politicians blogging? I didn't have the time to check.
  • An article featured in the International Herald Tribune on corruption in Nigeria. Nigerian states mired in corruption. A simple race for an office can sometimes take the ugly turns of "Murder and money, violence and fraud." To Grandiose Parlor, "Nigerian Politics is All About Cash". With elections turning into a cash game, one can easily contend that the very significance of democracy has been distorted. The young Nigerian democracy appears to be deeply entangled (like many other African ones) in electoral violence and political greed.
  • Atiku Abubakar, the Nigerian vice president, will run for president in 2007. It's official. The road to Aso Rock seems very crowded nowadays with Obasanjo, Abubakar, Duke and many others more to come. The presidential race promises to be very interesting.


imnakoya a dit…

Yeah, Nigeria is always on my mind. I have been in the Diaspora since '98, so the urge to see Nigeria get out of the quagmire is a strong desire. Thanks for the mention, I think yours is the first bilingual blog I've visited. I like your use of links; unfortunately this art is fast becoming extinct on the African blogosphere. Keep it up!