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samedi, octobre 14, 2006

Ari Zucker at theTripledoor

Late drink listening some live music with couple of friends. We went to The Tripledoor Musicquarium where the south african born guitarist Ari Joshua Zucker was performing with some of his friends. His very upbeat style is a fusion of modern Jazz, punk rock and grunge. You can hear the influence of Jimmy Hendrix with Rock tonality, Jungle beats, Dub, and even Groove. Original, refreshing in the jazz underground scene.

You can listen to some of the artist's creation online, as Ari uploaded some nice audio samples on his website. My favorites are:

  • Fipp in the lid where you can hear some country music tonality.
  • the rythmic intensity of Waves with AriSawkaDoria (stands for Ari Zucker at the guitar; Kevin Sawka, on the drums; Joe Doria with the organ;) , a mix of dub, funk and Jazz.
  • The mix of jungle music, funk, drumnbass and Jazz in Cosmic debris.
This evening was a nice prelude to the upcoming EarShot Seattle Jazz festival.


Anonyme a dit…

wow amaizing music thanks I would have never heard this what a treat
who blogged this nicely done - from france? thanks for the review.

Anonyme a dit…

nice tunes

Lydie a dit…

I am blogging away from my sanaga river. My peregrinations take me sometimes in France, sometimes in the US, I am glad you liked Ari.

If you happen to stop by Seattle one day, just stop at the tripledoor, Ari is now like a "resident" there. At least he plays quite often and brings some friends with him for some amazing jam sessions

Definitely worth seeing ...and hearing !