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mardi, octobre 31, 2006

Les dessous du deal Google YouTube

Les dessous du deal Google Youtube. C'est du off (-record), c'est anonyme, ca parle de venture capitalists, d'avocats, de Google, de Youtube, de geants des medias, de corporate america, avec le monde de la technologie en toile de fond. C'est passionnant et l'intrigue ressemble etrangement a celle d'un bon polar. Pour ceux que la petite histoire interesse, vous aurez le fil de l'intrigue : Some intimate details on the Google YouTube Deal - Blog Maverick

Disclaimer: l'histoire a l'air reelle, mais rien ne nous dit qu'elle l'est !


Pour ceux qui n'ont pas le temps de lire les details, Melanie Colburn fait le resume des hypotheses du posteur anonyme (via john Battelle Search Blog):

  • "About $500 million of the 1.65 billion purchase price was earmarked to fight and settle copyright suits, as a large but not uncommon liabilities patch.
  • As part of the Google courtship, YouTube massaged settlement negotiations with the largest potential DMCA stake-holders--far enough along to make it unlikely that their settlement claims would bite significantly into the margin of gain for Google.
  • However, to appease the large media companies disinterest in sharing profits with the creative talent, the value was instead transfered as an equity investment in YouTube--sheltered from royalty burdens.
  • Finally, to protect the value behind YouTube--its copious viewing audience addicted to pirated material---Google asked the media gatekeepers to 'look the other way' for a few months, as copyright violations continue to run rampant.
  • And finally, according to this anonymous note, Google also asked the media powerhouses to belt competing video sites with lawsuits first--like "YouTube clones Blot and Grouper." "