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dimanche, octobre 22, 2006

Bulb story, african politics story

I saw this on the Overheard in Nairobi blog. Check it out it's hilarious.

"Q: How many MPs does it take to change a light bulb?
A: None….
Half of them support to change the light bulb while the other half say that changing the light bulb is bad for their tribes.

The 2 sides are named Mo Rons and E Diots.

They go to Mombasa for a lightbulb-changing retreat to resolve to change the light bulb.

2 of them get arrested for storming a lightbulb-changing session and causing violence while several flock to K-street to learn the screwing aspect of changing a light bulb.

MPs whip up their tribes into violent frenzy pitting those opposing the lightbulb changing against those supporting the light bulb changing.

They break the light bulb and make the whole country look uncivilized and village-idiotic in the eyes of well lightbulb-changed countries."

Replace Mombasa by any african city and it makes the story even more deplorable :(

Et pendant ce temps ...